EquipmentModelFuel type Daily (8 hrs.) Week-EndWeekly (40 hrs.) Monthly (160 hrs.) Overtime (hourly)
Golf cart w/ flip seatG/E$72$158$211$594$4
Flatbed bed cartG/E$96$216$288$763$4
Flatbed bed cart w/ flip seatG/E$100$225$299$794$4
6-Passenger ShuttleG/E$114$238$318$873$4
Stock ChaserSC100E$58$131$171$490$4
Stock ChaserSC159E$58$131$171$490$4
Step SaverSS534E$63$142$186$533$4
Sit-down MuleCA-34E$93$209$278$709$4
Stand-up MuleE451E$93$209$278$709$4

Important note: All rental rates include one battery and charger (where applicable); and planned maintenance. The customer is responsible for daily operator checks and any maintenance required due to customer abuse or neglect.