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Warehouse Racking, Conveyors, and Mezzanines

Warehouse Storage Racks in Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Glendale

  • SELECTIVE RACK – the most commonly used and flexible type of rack. It is available in roll-formed and structural.
  • DRIVE-IN/DRIVE THRU – is an economic, high-density storage rack design. With fewer aisles, it offers up to 75% more pallet storage locations than conventional selective racks.
  • PUSH BACK – high-density with less aisles, and offers greater selectivity than drive-racks.
  • PALLET FLOW – the most dense rack design available. Pallets are loaded from one end and flow easily to the other end. It provides a first-in/first-out design.
  • CANTILEVER RACK – designed for large loads such as lumber, pipes or carpet. There are no aisle uprights to limit the use of horizontal space.
  • CARTON FLOW RACK – separating your picking and stocking aisles for full cartons and split cases can save up to 75% of your labor costs when compared to selective racks. Cartons can also be used with selective racks to store both cartons and pallets.

Warehouse Conveyors in Southern California

Toyota-Lift of Los Angeles offers a large selection of conveyors for warehouse and distribution applications. These include gravity, powered roller, belt, inclined, accumulation and sorters. We offer standard and custom control packages, and can also provide a turnkey system including engineering, software and installation.

In order to meet our customers' goals, it often takes a variety of integrated conveyors and equipment. From special situations for non-conventional products to updating and integrating the latest technology, Toyota-Lift of Los Angeles can customize conveyors and systems to meet any need.


Toyota-Lift of Los Angeles offers both Horizontal and Vertical Carousels. Every carousel is different because each application is unique. Our experienced team of integrators can also assist with the right software to maximize the efficiency of these units or interface with your own computer system.

Carousels can save 60% of existing floor space. Parts are brought to an ergonomically positioned retrieval point at the push of a button. Personnel costs and cycle times can be reduced! Carousels can protect documents or parts from dust, light, and unauthorized access. Inventory control is maximized because parts are contained and confined in a secure space.

Toyota-Lift of Los Angeles offers many types of carousels including: Tire Carousels, Document Carousels, Parts Carousels, Carpet and Automotive Carousels.

Industrial Mezzanines in the Greater Los Angeles Area

Toyota-Lift of Los Angeles offers mezzanines in both standard and custom designs to fit every application. Mezzanines allow the use of existing overhead space, thus gaining valuable office, storage or manufacturing space. We are experts at free-standing, catwalk shelving and mat mezzanines. Available mezzanine options include gates, product lifts, stairs, hand rail and various deck options.

Toyota-Lift of Los Angeles can also assist you with engineering and permit issues. Let our design experts assist you in choosing a design that's right for you.

Modular Offices

Using our unique modular design, Toyota-Lift of Los Angeles can help you design an office, lunch room or clean room. Offices are also available with load bearing roofs for increased storage capacity. This product offers tax advantages over conventional construction. We offer a variety of wall types, including standard walls, fire resistant, sound deadening, and economy walls. Available accessories include HVAC, fixed windows, sliding windows, lights, electrical options, door styles and flooring types.

Stand alone guard booths are also available.

Wire Partitions, Lockers and Cages

Toyota-Lift of Los Angeles can assist in securing an area by using a variety of woven wire products. This product, including DEA cages, can be customized for your specific application. Wire partitions are available in a variety of heights and colors. We also carry a large selection of accessories.

Wire Decks

Fire codes may limit the use of wood for shelving and pallet racks. We can provide decks to fit new and existing equipment. Let Toyota-Lift of Los Angeles find the right product for your application.