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Automatic Guided Vehicle - AGV / AGC

Mouse3A and Mouse3AB

The Toyota "Mouse" Type AGV is a cost effective solution designed to optimize the manufacturing and assembly line process by automation. This simple to use AGV can be added to any existing assembly line by simply laying down a self-adhesive magnetic guide-path tape.

The Toyota AGV is an efficient, dependable and versatile material handling solution because of its ability to fit into tight areas, share aisles with pedestrians and other traffic, and easily adapt to change.

Features and Benefits:

  • Increased profits by reducing labor requirements, eliminating product damage, and ensuring on-time delivery.
  • The onboard software allows multiple routes to be stored in memory.
  • Designed with a low profile, which allows the AGV to navigate under a cart, automatically raise the tow pin and haul the cart away.
  • Optical sensors can be programmed for different zones to allow safe operation near pedestrians and confined spaces, such as walls and racks.

L-Cart AGV

Lifts, conveyors, acuators, etc., can be integrated to custom fit the L-cart to your process. PLC with Ethernet can be linked with RF wireless to give you full control of navigation & functions.

Features and Benefits:

  • Simple function & operation make it easy to implement and maintain
  • Flexible to your changing environment
  • Basic command mark control
  • Easy to explore new ideas at low cost
  • "Bolt On" type drive unit mounted to custom designed carts
  • Can be integrated with a PLC for even more functionality

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