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Used Forklifts in Los Angeles

The best place to get a used forklift in Los Angeles, Long Beach, or Santa Clarita, California is Toyota-Lift of Los Angeles. We have a great selection of used forklifts, aerial lifts, and scissor lifts to choose from. Buying a used forklift is a great way to save money on used material handling equipment, and with indusrty leading used Toyota forklifts, used Hoist forklifts, and used Aichi aerial equipment, our selection is the best in the greater Los Angeles area. Please call our excellent staff if you are looking for:

  • Used Sit-Down Rider Forklift
  • Used Narrow Aisle Forklift
  • Used Pneumatic Forklift
  • Used Electric Forklift
  • Used Toyota Forklift
  • Used lift Trucks
  • Used Scissor Lifts
  • Used Aerial Equipment

Completely Reconditioned Used Forklifts To Fit Your Needs

Premium Level Used Lift Trucks
Your best choice when annual usage is up to 1,000 hours. These forklifts, lift trucks, scissor lifts and aerial units are early retirees from our rental fleet and have been expertly maintained by our factory trained technicians. Call toll free at 888-388-5745 or email us for more information.

  • Average hours on units 1,500 to 5,000
  • Priced on average of 70% to 75% of new
  • 6 months unconditional warranty
  • 18 months extended warranty on major components available for a total of 24 months

Value Level Used Lift Trucks
Single shift operations and medium use of 500 to 1,000 hours per year. The majority of these units are from our rental fleet. These material handling units offer excellent savings with lots of service life remaining.

  • Average hours on units 5,000 to 8,000
  • Priced on average of 60% to 70% of new
  • 3 months unconditional warranty
  • 9 months extended warranty on major components available for a total of 12 months

Economy Level Used Forklifts
These units are great for operations with minimal use to 500 hours per year. In those applications these units have years of performance and usage life remaining.

  • Average hours on units 8,000 to 12,000
  • Priced on average of 45% to 60% of New
  • 1 months unconditional warranty
  • 5 months extended warranty on major components available for a total of 6 months

All Toyota-Lift Reconditioned Equipment have been professionally maintained and inspected at our location in Santa Fe Springs, California. Our Specialty Program coupled with Toyota-Lift's full product line, plus our extensive rental fleet, gives us the ability to find YOU the right used fork lift truck and best value in the industry. Financing available to 60 months O.A.C.

A Used Forklift Reconditioning Process Second to None:
Engine- The valves are adjusted, new gaskets and the engine is completely serviced and compression tested. Fan, hoses, starter, flywheel, alternator, regulator, and cooling system are inspected and parts replaced as needed.
Electrics- The drive motor, SCR/transistor panel, and wiring are completely inspected and tested. Components are replaced as necessary.
Transmission- The transmission must meet factory specifications: Automatic transmission pressures are checked for clutch pack wear, leaks, and are replaced if necessary.
Battery & Charger- All batteries are completely reconditioned with cables and connectors replaced. Chargers are reconditioned as needed to bring to factory specifications by our factory experts.
Tires- Tire condition will be 80% or better, or they are replaced.
Steering System- All components of the steering system are checked and repaired, or replaced if needed. Axle, linkage, pump, hoses, cylinders, etc.
Hydraulic System- Hoist and tilt cylinders, seals, hoses, mast rollers, carriage. All hydraulic system and mast components are checked and brought to factory specifications.