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Toyota Planned Maintenance

Toyota-Lift of Los Angeles understands that when it comes to forklift service, one program does not fit all! Our four service plans allow you the flexibility to choose a program that’s right for your fleet. What we do know is the properly maintained forklifts are an investment in your forklift fleet that ensures:

  • Improved Productivity - Forklift service by the factory trained service professionals at Toyota-Lift of Los Angeles ensures that your forklifts will have fewer breakdowns. This provides you with maximum up-time for your business, which maximizes productivity and enhances your bottom-line profits.
  • Increased Trade-in Values and Maintained Warranties - Putting the maintenance of your forklift fleet in the hands of trained professionals assures proper maintenance, resulting in better adherence to manufacturer warranties and improved trade-in values.
  • Improved Budgeting - From month one until the end of your term, your monthly regular maintenance costs are fixed and reliable. No more guess-work when budgeting forklift maintenance expenses.
  • Enhanced Safety - A professionally maintained lift truck fleet is a safer lift truck fleet. Improve safety by putting your lift truck maintenance in the hands of the lift truck professionals at Toyota Forklifts of Atlanta.
  • You Get to Mind Your Own Business - Different Planned Maintenance package provides you with complete professional forklift fleet management services, from scheduling to regular maintenance and repair. It gives you peace of mind that your forklift fleet is being managed by professionals that know forklifts, leaving you to tend to your core business.

Maintenance Programs

Because everyone’s needs are different, Toyota offers complete flexibility with a choice of service contracts and optional agreements. You choose the level of support that’s right for you and we tailor our contracts to meet your requirements. We can provide a dedicated Toyota technician to your site.

There are four levels of maintenance plans to choose from:

Time and Material

This feature is for customers that prefer to manage every aspect of their lift truck repairs, including planned and routine maintenance. Monthly repair bills are less predictable, so budgeting is more challenging.

Safety Inspection

This contract ensures that your lift truck always complies with safety standards set by national regulations and laws.

Planned Maintenance

This contract is an effective way to prevent unplanned downtime and costly repairs as we take responsibility for maintaining your lift truck according to a predetermined plan as well as ensuring that they meet all safety requirements.

Guaranteed Maintenance

This contract is designed to take care of all your lift truck maintenance and breakdown repairs in order to provide you with the highest levels of operational performance and up-time (excludes accidental damage or negligence.)

Note: Toyota Planned Maintenance program includes safety inspection and all routine maintenance repairs. Planned Maintenance does not cover wheels, tires, light bulbs, or repairs that are the result of misuse or abuse. It takes the worry out of lift truck maintenance. Planned Maintenance helps you control costs and maximize up-time by ensuring the proper operation and repair of both major components and wearable parts. Rates are truck specific.

Additional Options

We also provide additional options so that you can customize your contract to your exact needs, and gain the highest levels of efficiency for your fleet.

  • 24/7 Service

If you work round the clock, so can we. Your Toyota service plan may provide cover during evenings and weekends. To ensure complete continuity of service, this “our off hours” cover can be extended to provide 24/7 support at extra costs.

  • On-site Service Technician

We can support large fleets with the services of an on-site technician, working as an integral part of your team providing full-time support for your lift trucks.

  • Single Maintenance Agreement - All Makes of Lift Truck

Don’t worry if your material handling fleet is NOT manufactured by Toyota, we can still provide your maintenance solution. We act as a single co-ordinated maintenance provider, backed by total quality management. In addition, we achieve speedy resolutions to problems and approach them in a way that can significantly reduce your administration time and costs.

Customer Benefits

  • Consistent monthly cost for routine maintenance and normal operational repairs.
  • Simplified invoices lead to accounting efficiencies.
  • Reduced downtime, improved safety.
  • Warranty compliance and increased truck trade-in value.

What’s Covered

  • All items in the planned maintenance program.
  • All periodic maintenance.
  • Repairs due to normal truck operation.
  • Free temporary rental truck for repairs lasting more than 48 hours.
  • Does not apply to repairs resulting from misuse or abuse.

What’s Not Covered

  • Repairs due to misuse and abuse
  • Wheels, tires, batteries, attachments (except for side-shifter), light bulbs, etc.

Efficient after-sales support is provided for all the forklifts we sell. Our forklift repair facilities, located in Los Angeles and serving Long Beach, Santa Clarita, Pasadena and the entire Southland maintain a fleet of mobile service vehicles to immediately respond to your calls. We provide planned maintenance and offer full-maintenance programs on scissor lifts and lift trucks.

Contact us at 888-388-5745 to learn more and get a quote tailored to your fleet's needs.